Org User set up

Step one: Add a user to your organization

There are two primary ways to add a member to your organizationMethod one: self registration
From the drop down menu next your name hit the link called “Manage Organization”

From the organization home page you will see a link labeled Link to sign up Page. Copy that link and send to any users you want added to your organization. When they sign up with that link they will be automatically added to your organization.

Caveat: If the user is already in the system this method will not work unless they use a different email address

Method two: Manually add a user/member
From the Organization home page click on the “Users” tab

From there hit the “Add Member” button:

Enter the require information (First name, Last name, and email address).

Note: The Pid field is for an employ ID and only used for users who need their classes reported to TCOLE

The user now shows up in your list of members

Note: If you do not see your member listed immediately then you may need to refresh your browser screen

When a user is added to the organization they will have full access to all courses (that the organization has a license for). 

From the home page they simply need to click on a course tile:

From there they can hit the “enroll” button

That will enroll them in the class! 

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