How to manage my membership/subscription

Classen Buck is happy to offer all officers the ability to pay a small monthly fee to access all of our courses.  Please note that our subscription is an annual one even though you can chose to pay it monthly.

We are constantly working to build better courses as well as extend our course catalog.  If we did not have the membership set to a year we would not be profitable offering a monthly cost at that price point.

So first question to ask if you want to cancel your membership is:

1.) Are you eligible to cancel your membership?

  • You have held your subscription for over one year
  • You have taken fewer then 2 classes in the course of your membership

If you have taken more then one course and are still with in the initial year of your membership you are not eligible to cancel.

To view subscription details click on the user Dashboard menu item:

Then click on the Subscription Tab:

This will give you information about your subscription, payment status, and when you next payment is due.  in the Subscription details you can see how long you have been a member for and how many courses you have taken and the money you have saved though the subscription.

If you are eligible you will see the "Cancel Membership" link.  Hitting that will cancel your membership

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